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How it works: 

We are currently in the process of partnering with a new app. Check back soon for information regarding the new app.


To book a ride, please call SafeRide, more information shown below.

Call us at 520-621-7233

Press 1: Place a call

Press 2: Cancel a ride, check to see if you missed                        your ride

Press 3: Operating hours

Press 4: Discount Cab Information

Press 5: Leave a message for a director

When placing a call, these are the things that the dispatcher will need from you: 

1. Your current location

2. Your desired destination

3. The amount of people in your call (Remember, 5 or less!)

4. Your first and last name

5. Your phone phone number

If you don't know the specific pickup location, ask!

We want to help as many students as quickly as possible, so help us help you! Are you familiar with our policies?

  • SafeRide can take addresses, cross streets, and names of campus buildings, dorms, grocery stores, and most apartment complexes. If you are at/going to an on-campus building or dorm, tell the dispatcher the name of the it. Our employees are very familiar with the campus. If you are at/are going to an off-campus residence or location, please give the operator the closest cross streets to where you are trying to be picked up at/go to.

  • Between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, SafeRide drivers are switching out. If you are requesting a ride around this time, please be patient. This is a very busy time and it may take longer to get a ride. 

  • SafeRide is an academic program. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. For liability reasons, we do not transport intoxicated passengers. 

  • SafeRide can only accept rides of 4 people or fewer. If you have more than 4 people in your group, you must place multiple calls to accommodate everyone. 

  • Any belongings you carry must be able to fit in your lap. This include backpacks, purses, and any grocery items. As a general rule, you must limit your groceries to FOUR bags or less per person. SafeRide drivers are unable to open their trunks to accommodate more items.

  • 20 minutes before close, SafeRide's boundaires are truncated. The trucated boundaries are:


  • Grant to the North, 8th St. to the South, Tucson Blvd. to the East, and 4th Ave. to the West. Please keep this in mind if you are calling in the last 20 minutes of our operating hours. 

  • You are responsible for knowing your pick-up location (not every location is right outside of the front doors). If you do not know where to wait, please ask your operator or take a look at our locations list!

  • If you think you may have missed your ride, please call back and press 2 to speak to the operator and confirm. If you have missed it, you will be required to call back and press 1 to request a new ride. 

  • SafeRide can only accept ONE destination per call. If you have multiple destinations, you must place multiple calls.

  • SafeRide is not able to schedule rides in advance. Please be aware of your schedule and only request rides when you are ready. SafeRide is not responsible for your potential tardiness. 

  • SafeRide's boundaries are: 

        North: Grant Ave 

        South: Broadway Blvd

        East: Tucson Blvd

        West: Stone Ave




  • We do NOT, however, pick up in Downtown              Tucson.



  • Our out of boundaries pick-up locations are:

        El Con (Walmart, Target, Theater)

        The Retreat

  • When you place your ride, please remember to keep an eye on your phone. You will receive a text message when the driver is on their way as well as when they arrive.

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