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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost?


A: SafeRide is a FREE service sponsored by Associated Students of the University of Arizona, The University of Arizona Parents and Family Association, and the UA Student Affairs Fee. Drivers are not able to accept tips.

Q: Why isn’t SafeRide open on Saturday?


A: SafeRide is an academic service. Because classes are not held on Saturdays, SafeRide remains closed on this day.

Q: What if I can’t get through on the phone?


A: SafeRide often handles over 500 calls per night and sometimes the phone lines are full. If you are unable to get through, please hang up and continue calling; a line will become available shortly. Once through, you will be automatically placed on hold. Please be patient; calls are answered in the order they are received and are taken as quickly as our vehicles permit. If you are still discovering problems, download our app! 

Q: Who can use SafeRide?


A: SafeRide is a free service meant for University of Arizona Students, Staff, and Faculty! You may be asked to show your CatCard, so please have that ready!

Q: How do I get a ride?


A: Just download our app or call (520) 621-SAFE (7233) during normal operating hours. Tell the operator your location, destination, and how many people are in your group (up to four). SafeRide typically responds in about seven minutes.

Q: Does SafeRide have any other safety tips?


A: Make sure to always walk with a trusted friend at night. Utilize apps such as LiveSafe attached to the University of Arizona for safety tips as well being able to track your location.

Q: Is SafeRide a designated driving service?


A:SafeRide is not a designated driving service. Drivers and operators reserve the right to refuse service to any passenger. Intoxicated passengers are a liability and the University of Arizona is a dry campus so SafeRide cannot condone alcohol consumption. To be directly connected with Discount Cab, call 621-SAFE and press ‘4.’

Q: Who runs SafeRide?


A: SafeRide is operated by two directors and two assistant directors. The two SafeRide Directors are students appointed by the ASUA Administrative Vice President each year. These Directors then select their assistants and the four of them hire supervisors and drivers. SafeRide is a completely student-run service with 10-15 paid student employees. Check out our employment page for more information!

Q: Why did my driver cancel my ride? 

A: Please be mindful of other students requesting rides, we have a four minute wait period the driver will wait in your designated pick up location. Each minute you will receive a notification your driver has arrived, if you have not located your driver within those four minutes, the driver is forced to cancel the ride and proceed with different rides. If you experience problems locating your driver, please call (520) 621- SAFE(7233) and we will assist you in finding them. 

Q: Why can't I find my driver? 

A: If you are experiencing problems locating your driver, please refer to TapRides map to track the cars location. If you placed a ride over the phone, please call (520) 621-SAFE (7233) and mention your name, email, and your pickup location. We are happy to assist you! We will communicate with the driver to ensure you are picked up. 

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